We are a broad-based health care company committed to supplying innovative products and technologies to manage health and improve the quality of life, in partnership with our customers.

We specialise in research products and diagnostics, with a key focus on molecular controls and calibrators for nucleic acid testing. We supply controls for many commercial molecular systems.

We also have access to a large archive of clinical specimens and can provide a wide range of seroconversion material from HIV, HCV and HBV asymptomatic donors.

Our company is located in Switzerland, in Geneva, international city in the heart of Europe, well known for the quality of life and high level of professionalism. We are located in the Swiss Biovalley, which offers an environment with a high degree of orientation to scientific research and development. In close proximity are many of the World’s leading Pharmaceutical companies, and NGOs, including the World Health Organization.

Our experienced team reflect these values in our practices and transparent approach to business. We are driven by our commitment to excellence, in product quality and reliability, choice of partners and personalised service we give to our customers.


  • To simplify our operating procedures and carry out business in the most transparent and efficient manner to meet and exceed customer needs
  • To develop and maintain excellent relationships with customers, suppliers and staff to create partnerships of trust, and ensure the highest standards of product, quality control and customer support


  • Passion for healthcare and life
  • Create the right environment for trust, honesty and integrity
  • Act for developing long term quality relationships
  • Sustainability and responsibility in business practices, personnel development and the environment


  • HHC believes that ethical principles are as important in business as in life. We apply the same values in our business practices as we do in our day to day lives
  • HHC is commited to reducing our Ecological Footprint. We use electronic instead of printed documents unless necessary
  • We also follow Sustainable Packaging guidelines and regularly review our packaging materials. We encourage our partners to use more recycled materials and components


  • HHC senior management has a long history of working with ZeptoMetrix products stretching back almost 25 years. Our close partnership provides a same price guarantee to ensure that you get products at the same price as shown on the ZeptoMetrix website, with outstanding service and no risk guarantee supplied from our European warehouse.
  • BioQcontrol have 20 years’ experience in quality control and their quality control reagents are quantified and consistent, creating confidence that the correct analytical sensitivity is reached in every run, ensuring your blood is safe.
    The first proficiency study for the detection of HCV-RNA was started by Dr Nico Lelie from CLB in 1992, (today Sanguin). This was expanded in 1997 to HBV-DNA, HIV-RNA and CMV-DNA to the VQC programme. The scientific group also participated in WHO collaborative studies for establishing nucleic acid standards, after which emphasis changed to nucleic acid and serology methods for blood screening.
  • Advanced Biotechnologies has 35 years of experience as a global supplier of highly purified products. The company performs start-to-finish virus growth, purification, inactivation, and quality control testing, at their state of the art facility. Their process ensures production of of very pure, highly concentrated material, from common strains to extremely rare products.
    Their range of quantitated viral RNA products offers product concentrations of > 25,000 copies of quantitated RNA per tube, to 2,500,000 copies.
    Their range of qDNAs provides very pure product starting at a concentration of > 5×10^(5) copies per ml of quantitated DNA.
  • Bioworld has supplied quality molecular tools and biological reagents for almost 30 years, specializing in products for the Life Sciences industry with a strong focus on bioAffinity reagents for protein purification and proteomics research.
    GlycoMatrix™, a division of bioWORLD has recently introduced an extensive range of lectins. Their portfolio contains lectin conjugates for the detection of specific glycoproteins & cancer biomarkers in histological applications, as well as separation and purification matrices, including Separopore® agarose beads,
    GlycoMatrix™ lectins are important tools in the molecular and cellular biology areas for studying carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and cancer biomarkers.
  • MagGenome Technologies, started operations in 2014 and has been registered as an independent company since 2015. Their primary  focus is on the development of Magnetic nano Particles based products. The current initiatives include developing nucleic acid extraction kits using their patented magnetic nano particles-based technology. The company has developed DNA extraction kits under the brand name “XpressDNA™” and affinity resins under the brand name “XpressAffinity™”.